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Hot Food Containers

Made with Sustainable Recycled Paper

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Whether serving hot food or packaging your products for retail sales, awesome containers catch your customer's attention and promote your brand. A generic or blank container, while inexpensive, advertises for nobody and costs you valuable exposure to potential new customers. With Visstun's two-case minimum, quick turnaround, and Hi-Definition print, it’s easy and affordable to supercharge your business with custom branded containers that stand out on the shelf and turn everyday containers into marketing superstars.

  • Made with Sustainable Recycled Paper
    • Sustana® EnviroLife™ Post-Consumer Recycled Fiber
  • Single Poly Uncoated Matte Finish
  • Hi-Definition, Full-Color Print
  • Great for Oatmeals, Muffins, Soups & Hot Food Packaging
  • Great for Microwave Use
  • Made in the USA in our FSSC 22000 certified manufacturing plant

With Visstun's low minimum order, you get awesome packaging plus eye-popping shelf appeal for all your flavors, sizes, and product versions. Visstun hot food containers are available in 13 different sizes and are great for packaging and serving a wide variety of products.

Consistent Branding For Your Sizes

Consistent Branding For Your Sizes

Easy Versioning For Your SKU’s

Easy Versioning For Your SKU’s

Sizes & Specifications

Click on a cup size below for complete specifications including Lead Times, Case Pack, and Lid Options.

3 oz5 oz8 oz8 oz8 ozMid
12 oz
12 oz14 ozShort
16 oz
12 ozPint
16 oz
20 oz
32 oz
Capacity oz3.305.508.228.008.4512.1012.7513.5016.2512.2016.1017.5820.3032.20
Capacity ml98.4161.8243.0237.0250.0358.8377.0400.2481.0360.0476.0520.0599.8952.4
Height 1.65"2.00"2.07"2.63"2.30"3.25"3.69"2.98"3.52"2.82"3.89"4.25"3.24"4.67"
Top OD 2.79"3.21"3.84"3.32"3.64"3.64"3.52"3.98"3.98"3.84"3.84"3.84"4.53"4.74"
Bottom OD 2.22"2.67"2.94"2.67"2.94"2.84"2.67"2.99"3.28"3.07"2.89"2.89"3.81"3.81"
Min Order 2,0001,0001,0002,0002,0002,0002,0002,4002,0001,0001,0001,8002,0002,000

Available Lids

Click on a cup size above to see lids available for specific cup size.

Click below for general lid information.

P2 Paper Lids

All products must be tested to ensure that the package will be appropriate for each specific use.

FSSC Certified Manufacturing Plant