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Product Safety Certifications

Safety Check List

Visstun® products are tested by Bureau Veritas to ensure they conform to applicable CPSIA and Prop 65 standards. All of our products are compliant and our Certificates of Conformity may be viewed below:

Visstun Application Testing Policy

Cups & Containers

FSSC 22000 Certificate
Clear Plastic Spec Sheet
White Plastic Spec Sheet
Paper HOT Spec Sheet
Paper COLD Spec Sheet
HDPE Microwavable Paper Spec Sheet
Visstun Product Safety Statement
Visstun Letter of Guarantee
Results US & EU Product Safety Testing
HDPE Paper Certificate of Compliance
Clear Plastic Certificate of Conformity
White Plastic Certificate of Conformity
Paper HOT Certificate of Conformity
Paper COLD Certificate of Conformity
Liquid Capacity Testing
Barrier Testing Results - Oxygen Transmission Rate
Barrier Testing Results - Water Vapor Transmission Rate


Disposable Clear Lid Certificate of Conformity | Results Lids Disposable Clear US Complete Report
Reusable Basic Lid Certificate of Conformity | Results Lids Reusable Basic US Complete Report
V3 Lids Certificate of Conformity | Results V3 Lids US Complete Report
Cappuccino Lid Certificate of Conformity | Results Lids Cappuccino US Complete Report


Reusable (SELA) Straws
Disposable Straws


Box/Corrugate REACH Certification
Color Changing Ink Certificate of Conformity
Glow Ink Certificate of Conformity
Plastic Cup Resin Letter of Compliance
Sanitation-Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate
SMETA Social Compliance Audit
Country of Origin
Lot Code Explanation
Product Label Explanation
Allergen Statement
Wooden Spoon Testing