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Soup/Ramen Packaging

Visstun® gives you that big brand look at affordable volumes and prices. Plus, we make it:

  • Quick - Fast Turnaround
  • Easy - Low Minimum and Responsive Service
  • Awesome - Hi-Definition Full Color Print
  • Sustainable - Made with Recycled Paper

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Our top sizes for Soup and Ramen Packaging
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In addition to fantastic products, great branding is key to growth and success. Visstun makes awesome branding easy. In total, we have 24 cup and container sizes and five material substrates for added flexibility and creativity. In addition to a large cup selection, we make a wide variety of lids to fit each cup and container. All paper cups, containers, and P2 Snap-Fit Paper Lids are made with recycled paper.

C9T3 Details C6T5 Details C9S8 Details C6T8 Details C9S2 Details C9T2 Details C9T6 Details C92Q Details C93Q Details C909 Details C613 Details C616 Details C621 Details C932 Details C944 Details C617 Details C920 Details C924 Details C6R8 Details C6R4 Details C9R6 Details C8R7 Details C9U2 Details C6U8 Details COMING SOON NEW! NEW! COMING SOON

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With Visstun, you get awesome packaging plus eye-popping shelf appeal for all your flavors, sizes, and product versions - the days of labeling generic cups to launch a new brand, product, or flavor are over!

Consistent Branding For Your Sizes

Consistent Branding For Your Sizes

Easy Versioning For Your SKU’s

Easy Versioning For Your SKU’s

All of our products are Made in the USA in our FSSC 22000 certified manufacturing plant.

All products must be tested to ensure that the package will be appropriate for each specific use.