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Visstun® Vanish Cups, Containers, & Lids
made with BioNatura Coating

Visstun® Vanish cups, containers, and lids are made with plastic-free* BioNatura coated paper and have the performance of traditional PE Coated paper cold, hot, & microwavable cups.

Remove plastic from the waste stream – By using a Vanish pint ice cream container, for example, you remove 2.6 pounds of plastic from the waste stream per 1,000 cups compared to our double poly version regardless of how they’re composted, recycled or disposed of. A sustainable benefit built into the cup!

Cup Image


Product & Print contains trace amounts of non-intentionally added polymers

Repulpable &

In communities with cup recycling programs


No intentionally added or detectable PFAS

Home Compostable**

Industrial Compostable**

Where facilities are available

Additional Features

Food Contact

  • FDA- Conforms with 21CFR Part 176.170 - Intertek: JKTH21000819

Responsibly Sourced Paper

  • SFI
  • PEFC
  • World Land Trust -
    Carbon Balanced Paper

Heat Stability

  • High heat resistance up to 180°C

Cold & Freezer Stability

  • Great for Cold & Freezer use

* Plastic-Free: Product & Print contains trace amounts of non-intentionally added polymers but still meets the free of requirements from the FTC Green Guidelines. Since these cups are not plastic coated, you remove, for example, 2.6 pounds of plastic from the waste stream per 1000 pint ice cream cups compared to our double poly version regardless of how they’re composted, recycled, or disposed of. A sustainable benefit built into the cup.

** Compostability: BioNatura coated paper passed testing by Din Certco for home & industrial compostability. However, due to the rapidly changing regulatory landscape on a local and national basis and the FTC Green Guidelines, claims related to compostability would require testing of the specific containers and use along with verification of the composting capability and regulatory guidelines of the location in which the container or cup will be disposed.

Select a Plastic-Free size below for more details

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P2® Snap-Fit Vanish Paper Lids - All Sizes

Supporting Documents

Letter of Guarantee (PDF) The products are food grade complied with U.S FDA Regulation 21. CFR PART 176. 170. Foopak Bio Natura is intended for use in contact with all food types in condition min. -18°C to max. 200°C in microwave.

Responsibly Sourced Paper (PDF) Attachment includes PEFC, SFI, World Land Trust Certifications.

Plastic Free Certification from Flustix (PDF) Din Certco plastic free product certification scheme: Flustix Plastic Free (2020-06)

Repulpable & Recyclable (PDF) Verification and examination of recyclability on the basis of the requirements and assessment catalogue of the Institute cyclos-HTP for EU-wide Certification. US recyclability available in communities with cup recycling programs.

FTC Green Guidelines (PDF) We have scientific evidence Vanish cups are recyclable and compostable. The limitations of how claims can be made can be determined by the FTC Green Guidelines. 16 CFR part 260- Guides for the use of environmental marketing claims. Please note Compostable section on page 3 section 4, Recyclable page 3 section 9, and Free-Of Claims page 3 section 6.

Product Safety and PFAS Bureau Veritas Results (PDF) Bureau Veritas test results for our annual product safety and PFAS tests.

Toxics in Packaging (PDF) Visstun has tested for Toxics in Packaging including PFAS with Bureau Veritas to assure product safety requirements are met. No intentionally added or detectable PFAS. Intertek testing to the standard toxics in packaging clearing house model legislation - US TPCH - PFAS content found no detectable PFAS in BioNatura.

Compostability Testing (PDF) The attached testing is verifying the compostability of the paperboard. Normec Tests including: material characteristics, Disintegration under industrial and home composting conditions, and Barley/Cress/Earthworm Ecotoxicity testing. ISEGA Certificate of Compliance that paperboard meets EN 13432:2000-12 & NF T51-800:2015 and is organically recoverable through industrial and home composting. Visstun has ongoing testing to determine the disintegration and toxicity including how our inks and coating perform in the finished product.

All products must be tested to ensure that the package will be appropriate for each specific use.

All of our products are Made in the USA in our FSSC 22000 certified manufacturing plant.

FSSC Certified Manufacturing Plant