Standard Production Time: Our standard lead time is two to four weeks depending on volume and when the order is placed. Each cup has a weekly production run and all orders should be placed 5 workdays prior to the scheduled SHIP day. Orders up to 50,000 pieces are available within a week when the order is placed and approved before the Weekly Production Run’s CUT-OFF day. Lead-time for larger orders are reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis. See Lead Times page for more information.

Terms: Standard credit terms are Net 30 upon approved credit. A signed credit application is required. Terms for credit card payments are Net 10. Late payments will incur a 1½% per month late fee. Prepayment of initial order may be required.

Marketing: It is our practice to use overruns for samples and product images in our advertising. If this is not acceptable, please indicate this to us in writing.

Co–Op Programs: Co-op programs are happily considered. Contact your Account Manager with details and Visstun® will develop a program for you.


Size CLEARmin WHITEminCOLDminHOT minMicrowave min
9 oz F209 1,000W209 250C909250H909250 - -
Tall 12 F213 1,000W213 250C913250H913250 - -
Tall 16 F216 1,000W216 250C916250H916250 - -
17 oz F217 1,000W217 250C917250 - - - -
20 oz F220 1,000W220 250C920250 - - - -
Tall 21 F221 1,000W221 250C921250H921250 - -
24 oz F224 1,000W224 250C924250 - - - -
32 oz F232 1,000W232 250C932250 - - - -
44 oz F244 1,000W244 250C944250 - - - -
Container Sizes
3 oz F2T3 1,000W2T3 500C9T3500H9T3500CMT3 2,500
5 oz F2T5 1,000W2T5 500C9T5500H9T5500CMT5 2,500
Short 8 F2S8 --W2S8 --C9S8500H9S8500CMS8 2,500
8 oz F2T8 1,000W2T8 500C9T8500H9T8500CMT8 2,500
Short 12 F2S2 1,000W2S2 500C9S2500H9S2500CMS2 2,500
12 oz F2T2 1,000W2T2 250C9T2250H9T2250CMT2 2,500
Mid 12 F2U2 1,000W2U2 500C9U2500H9U2500CMU2 2,500
Short 16 F2T6 1,000W2T6 500C9T6500H9T6500CMT6 2,500
Pint 16 F2R6 1,000W2R6 500C9R6500H9R6500CMR6 2,500
Mid 16 F2U6 1,000W2U6 500C9U6500H9U6500CMU6 2,500
20 oz F22Q 1,000W22Q 500C92Q500H92Q500CM2Q 2,500
32 oz F23Q 1,000W23Q 500C93Q500H93Q500CM3Q 2,500