NEW P2 Snap-Fit Paper Lids

Finally, a Hi-Definition, Full-Color lid that matches Visstun's Hi-Definition Full-Color Cups creating a complete package with unrivaled shelf appeal. Plus, low minimums to make it easy to get started!

P2 Paper Lids

Full Custom P2 Lids

This is the ultimate printed lid option with Hi-Definition, Full-Color print on the top and side. Print seamlessly registered text and continuous, uninterrupted images to match and augment your cup's graphics creating a complete package with unrivaled shelf appeal. 500 piece minimum order. Production lead time for P2 lids is three weeks based on orders of up to 25,000. For larger quantities, call for production times.

P2 Full Custom Lids


P2 Snap-Fit™ design allows the cup rim to snap into the lid with a feel similar to plastic lids.

P2 Paper Lids

Blank Lids

Stock P2™ lids are available in either white or black. Minimum order one case / 500 pieces.

P2 Lids - top view

P2 Lid Sizes

3 oz5 ozShort
8 oz
8 ozShort
12 oz
12 oz
12 ozShort
16 oz
16 oz
20 oz
32 oz

Standard Case Pack Configuration

    Box Dimensions Per Box Per Pallet
Size Code LWHCF SleevesPieceslbs DimensionsWeightBoxesPieces
3 ozP2T315.2514.0012.231.51BULK500640"x48"x91"423 lbs6331,500
5 ozP2T517.4514.0014.232.01BULK500840"x48"x90"333 lbs3618,000
Short 8 ozP2S820.1514.0016.382.67BULK5001040"x48"x87"345 lbs3015,000
8 ozP2T817.8514.8814.582.24BULK500940"x48"x92"369 lbs3618,000
Short 12 ozP2S220.6314.8816.883.00BULK5001140"x48"x89"375 lbs3015,000
Mid 12 ozP2U219.4515.8515.782.82BULK5001140"x48"x100"441 lbs3618,000
12 ozP21218.8515.8515.382.66BULK5001040"x48"x97"405 lbs3618,000
Short 16 ozP2T620.8516.7516.983.43BULK5001340"x48"x90"435 lbs3015,000
Pint 16 ozP2R620.4516.7516.383.25BULK5001240"x48"x87"405 lbs3015,000
Short 20 ozP22Q23.8516.7519.184.43BULK5001440"x48"x82"269 lbs168,000
Short 32 ozP23Q24.6017.9519.835.07BULK5001640"x48"x84"301 lbs168,000

P2 Data Updated July 08, 2020 

* All products must be tested to ensure that they will be appropriate for each specific use. Creating borders in art is not recommended as our 1/16" variance will be noticable.

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