Recycled Paper COLD Containers

Recycled Paper COLD Containers 3 oz - C9T3 5 oz - C6T5 Short 8 oz - C9S8 8 oz - C6T8 Short 12 oz - C9S2 Mid 12 oz - C9U2 12 oz - C9T2 Short 20 oz - C92Q Short 16 oz - C9T6 Pint 16 oz - C9R6 Short 32 oz - C93Q

Whether serving your latest culinary delight or packaging your products for retail sales, awesome containers catch your customer’s attention and promote your brand. A generic or blank container, while inexpensive, advertises for nobody and costs you valuable exposure to potential new customers. With Visstun’s single-case minimum, quick turnaround, and Hi-Definition print, it’s easy and affordable to supercharge your business with custom branded containers that stand out on the shelf and turn everyday containers into marketing superstars.

  • Made with Recycled Paper
    • 35% Sustana® EnviroLife™, Post-Consumer Recycled Fiber
  • Gloss or Matte Finish
  • Hi-Definition, Full-Color Print
  • Great for Freezer Use

With Visstun, you get awesome packaging plus eye-popping shelf appeal for all your flavors, sizes, and product versions - the days of labeling generic cups to launch a new brand, product, or flavor are over!

Consistent Branding For Your Sizes

Consistent Branding For Your Sizes

Easy Versioning For Your SKU’s

Easy Versioning For Your SKU’s

Sizes & Minimums

Style: Paper Cold 18½pt Recycled Paper Board Poly-Coated 2 Sides

Minimum Order: 250

Cup and Container Size Chart

3 oz5 ozShort
8 oz
8 ozShort
12 oz
12 oz
12 ozShort
16 oz
16 oz
20 oz
32 oz
Capacity oz3.305.508.008.0012.2012.1012.7516.2516.1020.3032.20
Capacity ml98.4161.8237.5237.0359.7358.8377.0481.0476.0599.8952.4
Height 1.65"2.00"2.08"2.63"2.82"3.25"3.69"3.52"3.89"3.24"4.67"
Top OD 2.79"3.23"3.79"3.32"3.89"3.64"3.52"3.98"3.84"4.53"4.74"
Bottom OD 2.22"2.67"3.28"2.67"3.28"2.84"2.67"3.28"2.89"3.81"3.81"
Min Order 250250250250250250250250250250250
P2 Paper Lids

All products must be tested to ensure that the package will be appropriate for each specific use.

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