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Food Service Branding Lids

Visstun® gives you that big brand look at affordable volumes and prices. Plus, we make it:

  • Quick - Fast Turnaround
  • Easy - Low Minimum and Responsive Service
  • Awesome - Hi-Definition Full Color Print
  • Sustainable - Made with Recycled Paper

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In addition to fantastic products, awesome branding is key to continued growth and success. From your drink cups to your serving cups to your retail packaging, Visstun® makes it easy to create consistent branding and build your business.

In total, we have 24 cup and container sizes and a wide variety of lids to fit each.
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Premium Coca-Cola® Trademark Cups

Visstun® and Coca-Cola® have teamed up to offer the Coca-Cola® Trademark cup. One of the most unique features of the cup is the Trademark Coca-Cola® contour bottle. When filled, the cup transforms to a full bottle of Coca-Cola®. The Trademark cup is in stock and available to ship within 24 hours.

Click here for more information on our partnership with Coca-Cola®.

Reusable Basic Lid Recycle

Make your order a complete package with non-imprinted, injection molded lids. They're reusable, just like the cups! And they come with or without a straw slot. Why do we stock just white, black, and red lids? Visstun® cups are printed in Hi-Definition, Full-Color, stocking colored lids to match the rainbow of possibilities is not practical. Our testing indicates that most prints can be complemented with either a white or a black lid. Custom colors available with a minimum order of 200,000 and a 6 week lead time. Sold in full cases of 1,000.

Reusable Lids

Reusable Basic Lid Sizes

12 oz
16 oz
17 oz20 ozTall
21 oz
24 oz32 oz44 oz
Size Code091316172021243244
CONTAINERS3 oz5 ozShort
8 oz
8 ozShort
12 oz
12 oz
12 ozShort
16 oz
16 oz
16 oz
20 oz
32 oz
Size CodeT3T5S8T8S2U2T2T6U6R62Q3Q

Standard Case Pack Configuration

DRINK CUPS   Box Dimensions Per Box Per Pallet
SizeNoSlotStrawSlot L"W"H"CFSleevesPieceslbsDimensionsWeightBoxesPieces
9 oz (09)RK09N RK09S17.2513.2514.001.8510@501,0001240"x48"x96"5044242,000
Tall 12 oz (13)RK12N RK12S18.5013.1015.252.1410@501,0001340"x48"x86"5464242,000
Tall 16 oz (16)RK12N RK12S18.5013.1015.252.1410@501,0001340"x48"x86"5464242,000
17 oz (17)RK17N RK17S19.5014.0016.002.5310@501,0001440"x48"x91"4903535,000
Tall 21 oz (21)RK12N RK12S18.5013.1015.252.1410@501,0001340"x48"x86"5464242,000
24 oz (24)RK24N RK24S14.0020.0016.002.5910@501,0001540"x48"x86"5253535,000
30 oz (30)RK30N RK30S21.5015.0018.003.3610@501,0001740"x48"x95"5953535,000
32 oz (32)RK32N RK32S21.0014.0018.003.0610@501,0001940"x48"x95"6653535,000
44 oz (44)RK44N RK44S23.5014.0020.003.815@501,0002040"x48"x90"4802424,000

CONTAINERS   Box Dimensions Per Box Per Pallet
SizeNoSlotStrawSlot L"W"H"CFSleevesPieceslbsDimensionsWeightBoxesPieces
3 oz (T3)RKT3N --13.2517.0014.001.8210@501,0001240"x48"x90"4203535,000
5 oz (T5)RKT5N --17.5015.0015.002.2810@501,0001240"x48"x95"4203535,000
8 oz (T8)RKT8N --17.9013.2513.751.8910@501,0001340"x48"x90"5464242,000
Short 12 oz (S2)RK24N RK24S14.0020.0016.002.5910@501,0001540"x48"x86"5253535,000
Mid 12 oz (U2)RKU2N RKU2S18.7516.0015.252.65BULK1,0001440"x48"x82"4203030,000
12 oz (T2)RK12N RK12S18.5013.1015.252.1410@501,0001340"x48"x86"5464242,000
Short 16 oz (T6)RKT6N --14.5021.5017.253.1110@501,0002040"x48"x92"7003535,000
Pint 16 oz (R6)RKR6N --20.0016.0016.002.96BULK1,0001740"x48"x85"5103030,000
Short 20 oz (2Q)RK44N RK44S23.5014.0020.003.815@501,0002040"x48"x90"4802424,000
Short 32 oz (3Q)RK3QN --24.5016.5010.752.51BULK5001240"x48"x91"4804020,000