Food Service Branding

From Serving to Selling, Visstun® gives you that big brand look at affordable volumes and prices.

In addition to fantastic products, awesome branding is key to continued growth and success. From your drink cups to your serving cups to your retail packaging, Visstun® makes it easy to create consistent branding and build your business.

  • Low Minimums
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Hi-Definition Print
  • Awesome Service


  • CLEAR PLASTIC Reusable 18-20 mil Food Grade Clear Polypropylene
  • WHITE PLASTIC Reusable 18-20 mil Food Grade White Polypropylene
  • PAPER COLD 18½ pt Heavy Duty Paper Board Poly-Coated 2 Sides
  • PAPER HOT 19 pt Heavy Duty Paperboard Poly Coated 1 Side
  • MICROWAVABLE 17½ pt Heavy Duty Paper Board Poly-Coated 2 Sides
  • FOLDTOP Available in Clear Plastic, White Plastic, Paper Cold, and Paper Hot

Container Sizes

Container Size Chart

Drink Cup Sizes

Cup Size Chart

FoldTop® Sizes

FoldTop Size Chart

NEW Scoop Sizes

Scoop Size Chart

Minimum Order

250 – 2,500 Pieces

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