COLD Paper FoldTop® Gift Box Container

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All cold FoldTop sizes have transitioned to 32% PCF
COLD Paper FoldTop<sup>®</sup> Gift Box Container 28 oz - CP28 4 oz - CP04 18 oz - CP18 10 oz - CP10

Making a great first impression is important when promoting your brand with FoldTop® containers. These COLD FoldTop® gift box containers have a high-gloss finish and are printed in Hi-Definition, full-color to give you the best impression available on a disposable FoldTop®. Use FoldTop® containers for retail or food packaging where a reusable FoldTop® like our White and Clear plastic FoldTop® products are not practical or you need a lower cost but still a visually powerful item.

  • Made with 32% Sustana® EnviroLife™, FSC® Certified, Post-Consumer Recycled Fiber - click to learn more
  • High-Gloss Finish
  • Heavy Duty Paper Board
  • Disposable/Single Use
  • Poly-Coated 2 Sides
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Sizes & Minimums

Minimum Order:
2s Poly-Coated Paper Board

All products must be tested to ensure that the package will be appropriate for each specific use.

Available Sizes:
4, 10, 18 and 28oz

Four Cup Sizes to Choose From!

Table Legend
FOLDTOP® 4 oz 10 oz 18 oz 28 oz
A. Top Width 2.05" 2.46" 3.28" 3.14"
B. Height Closed 2.12" 2.93" 3.81" 5.29"
C. Bottom Width 2.22" 2.67" 3.28" 3.28"
D. Flap Height 1.50" 1.75" 2.00" 2.30"
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