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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (May 1, 2021) Visstun® has added a NEW 8oz-R8 cup size to their inventory!
Using the industry standard 3.839” rim OD, the new 8oz-R8 cup is easy to fill on pint equipment and uses
the same lids as the industry standard Pint-R6. This provides customers with four sizes: 8oz-R8, 14oz-
R4, 16oz-R6, and 500ml-R7 that all share a common lid and 3.839” rim OD.
“This 8oz-R8 completes a line of cups that is perfect for use on ice cream filling equipment,” says Paula
Thompson, Director of Sales. “Another great feature of the 8oz-R8 specifically is that they allow
customers to sell half-pints in the same shelf space as the pint. Two of them stack in the same space as
one standard ice cream pint. For retail shelf space, this is fantastic.”

### About Visstun®:
Visstun® is a Las Vegas based custom cup manufacturer specializing in Hi-Definition, 4-Color Process cups.
Visstun® offers reusable, top-shelf dishwasher safe Clear & White plastic cups and single use paper Hot & Cold cups. Visstun's unique approach to printing and manufacturing enables company’s packaging in all volumes and order sizes to create that big brand look that drives business and generates repeat customers. Whether customers need 1,000 cups for a start-up or 10 million cups for an annual program, Visstun’s photo quality printing, crisp detail, and vivid color helps them stand out from the competition.
Founded in 2007, Visstun® launched the world's first Hi-Definition convolute plastic cups. This unique, state-ofthe-art technology improved traditional cup imprinting methods by first printing high-quality images on flat
polypropylene sheets and then forming them into cups on custom-engineered machinery. The result is a line of visually stunning plastic and paper cups and containers.
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