Microwavable Packaging Options

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T3 T5 S8 T8 S2 U2 T2 T6 R6 U6 2Q 3Q
Sizes in  green  have transitioned to 35% PCF
Microwavable Packaging Options

Visstun® Microwavable Paper Cups make it easy and affordable to supercharge your business with custom branded containers.

These single-use paper containers are designed specifically for use in the microwave*. Consumers expect a lot from the brands they buy. They rave about simplicity and since they're snacking on the run, they look for highly portable packaging. Visstun's microwavable paperboard answers these consumer demands. With Visstun's single-case minimum, quick turnaround, and Hi-Definition print, your business will stand out on the shelf and turn everyday containers into marketing superstars. These microwave-safe containers are Made in the USA in our FSSC 22000 certified manufacturing plant.

  • Made with 35% Sustana® EnviroLife™, FSC® Certified, Post-Consumer Recycled Fiber - click to learn more
  • Hi-Definition, Full-Color Print
  • High-Gloss or Matte Finish
  • For Soups & Hot Contents
  • Heavy Duty Paper Board
  • Sustainable Alternative to Microwavable Plastic click to learn more

With Visstun, you get awesome packaging plus eye-popping shelf appeal for all your flavors, sizes, and product versions - the days of labeling generic cups to launch a new brand, product, or flavor are over!

Consistent Branding For Your Sizes

Consistent Branding For Your Sizes

Easy Versioning For Your SKU’s

Easy Versioning For Your SKU’s
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Standard Case Pack Configuration

    Box Dimensions Per Box Per Pallet
Size Code LWHCF SleevesContainerslbs BoxesPieces
3 ozCMT314.2011.418.670.8110@5050089045,000
5 ozCMT516.5013.0511.771.4710@50500106432,000
Short 8 ozCMS819.1815.3914.182.4210@50500143618,000
8 ozCMT816.8013.4912.391.6210@50500125628,000
Short 12 ozCMS219.6915.8014.922.6910@50500163618,000
Mid 12 ozCMU218.4314.7913.002.05--500154221,000
12 ozCMT217.8514.3313.391.9810@50500154221,000
Short 16 ozCMT620.0016.0015.622.8910@50500203618,000
Pint 16 ozCMR619.4515.6113.592.39--500193618,000
Short 20 ozCM2Q22.8818.3512.403.01--500182814,000
Short 32 ozCM3Q23.9619.2113.803.68--500242412,000

PS Data Updated August 28, 2019 

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